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We are an evolving spiritual community, vibrating with the energy of Love and Acceptance.

We gather in joyful celebration as we practice the conscious realization of Spirit expressing through us.

We believe in a loving, friendly and generous God, who resides in each of us, therefore we create the best in our lives and our relationships.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience...

We are spiritual beings having a human experience."


To positively affect our world by Extending Peace, Love, Spirituality, Understanding, and Friendship to all people with Grace and Gratitude.


To share with all, the blessings of awakening and thriving in our spiritual home.

We draw upon a diversity of spiritual and religious teachings. Through our Sunday service, fellowship and ongoing classes, we support each individual on their path of inner realization of Spirit.

Fellowship of Spirit is a compassionate spiritual group providing Farmington and the Four Corners with a dynamic New Thought presence.

There is only one you, one God, one Life.