Calendar of Talks and Events at Fellowship of Spirit



Adult Study Group: Meet in childrens's room from 8:45 to 9:45 a.m.

Prayer Group: 9:30-9:55am. We pray over prayer requests and give gratitude.

Worship Service: 10:00-11:30am. Every Sunday, we teach how to embody love, live truth and thus manifest a life of beauty and joy. We teach a life of freedom! Come visit us and learn how you, too, can live the well-lived life!

Youth Ministry: 10:00am. Children are taught the principles of love and peace in a guided curriculum.

Reverend George Harris is available after Sunday serices to lead individuals in prayer treatment for health and life issues, or to answer questions about the message.

Fellowship supports a variety of classes, workshops and events that inspire creativity, self-awareness, community and spiritual growth. Click on the links to see more information about each class or event.


Current Classes:

Coming soon: Ascension: Tuesday 6:00 - 7:30pm


Ascension basically means a change in frequency and a change in the focus of our consciousness, therefore moving our consciousness from one reality to another.  It is time to leave your fear-based, separative minds to move into a mind of love, joy and oneness with Source. That will take becoming enlightened and awakened. As you accomplish this inside of yourself,  you will help create a world full of GOD'S love, a world of infinite vastness and divinity.This class will help all participants take this journey of change.

Basic Yoga: Wednesday 5:15-6:15pm


Usually following a dvd, with some poses led by attendees. Wear comfortable, loose clothing and bring a mat. Minimum donation appreciated.

Course in Miracles: Wednesday 6:30 - 8:00pm


Have you thought about learning about and experiencing more LOVE in your life? especially unconditional love, since we hear that phrase all the time.  Do we really know what it means?  Fellowship of Spirit hosts A Course in Miracles, study group. The Course is a "love story." It uses many different synonyms, such as forgiveness, peace, healing, salvation, oneness and heaven. The Course tells us that in the final analysis, everything, without exception, comes to focus on one symbol, "LOVE'   If you would like to participate in a discussion group with other like-minded people, learning about God's will of Love, Joy, Peace, please join us.

New Member Class: Saturday 11:00 - 1:00pm quarterly



Once you have attended Fellowship of Spirit and decided you want to become a part of our wonderful spiritual center, you are required to attend a 3-hour class on Saturday to learn more about New Thought, New Thought and God, Spirutual Laws as well as the principles of Fellowship so you can support us in all ways. Then you will be part of a New Member ceremony the next day after the class to be formally inducted as a New Member of Fellowship of Spirit. Any questions please call Rev George at 970-769-1041

Upcoming Classes:

Art of Spiritual PeaceMaking: Spring 2018


One of the principles of Fellowship of Spirit is: We understand that peace begins inwardly and radiates outwardly. So we work on BEING Peacemakers.

You have been called to be a bearer of peace in this world of dreams. There is a reason for this. You want to wake up from this world, and it is the only way. The only way for you to awaken is to awaken others. And yet, no one needs to awaken but you. If that is so, why do I say that you need to give this to receive it? The answer is simple. Because you are only giving to yourself. There is no one but you to give or receive.

Check back for exact dates.

Practicing the Presence: Fall 2018



An experimential presentation of Spiritual Mind Treatment

"Take time to learn to go deeply within and speak as though there were a Presence there that knows-to unearth this hidden cause, to penetrate this inner chamber of consciousness" Science of Mind text, page 153

Learn ways to access the deep inner silence of our God-Self and how to use it constantly on a daily basis. This class is for all searchers from Beginner thru Practitioner, using the group energy consciousness. It will include group and personal exercises as well as time for deeper meditation.

Connect Groups/ Focus Ministries:

Healing Ministry: Available for spiritual holistic healing


New Thought is a belief system, which includes that illness originates in the mind, as a consequence of erroneous beliefs and that a mind open to God's wisdom could overcome any illness. The basic premise is: The trouble is in the mind, for the body is only the house for the mind to dwell in. Therefore, if your mind has been deceived by some invisible enemy, into a belief, you have put it into the form of a dis-ease, with or without your knowledge. New Thought states: "By my theory or truth, I come in contact with your enemy, and restore you to health and happiness. This I do partly mentally, and partly by talking till I correct the wrong impression and establish the Truth, and the Truth is the cure. Therefore, we believe that dis-ease is rooted in a mental cause and that right thinking has a healing effect." Science and Health teaches that we believe everything is energy,including our thoughts and emotions, we have created a healing team/ministry, to perform certain energy work to help patients clear their thinking and release old emotions to release dis-ease and create perfect health.




    Healing Saturday:Second Saturday of the month 11:00am-1:00pm 2018


    Our physical bodies are truly wonderful instruments in the universe.  Every cell and organ are composed of electronic energy.  When in a perfect state of health, the electronic substance vibrates at a high level and the immune system takes over.  When there is an imbalance or discordant frequency of vibration then we experience dis-ease. On healing Saturday, we offer various forms of energy work to help the process of healing.

    • Chrstine Summers: Intercessory Healing Ministry
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      Laying on of hands. Through the grace and blessing of the Holy Spirit, Christine shares her gift for healing. She occasionally is given intuitive insight into the location and nature of pain, or a physical area that needs healing; but relies on the recipient to tell her what healing is being sought. Christine acknowledges that all healing comes from God, and sees herself as merely a channel to aid others. She is also a certified Deeksha Blessing Giver (Oneness /blessing) which is a divine intelligent energy transfer that causes a neurobiological transformation within the brain of the recipient. This transfer helps people move away from the sense of separation towards a sense of connectedness and oneness with all creation.

      Cost is Love Donation.

    • Elizabeth Cowell: Reiki - Level 2 Practitioner
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      Elizabeth works on both the physical body as well as the mental/emotional bodies to clear out any negative energies that were brought forward from past lives or manifested in this life. Through the use of Egyptian energy, Elizabeth will weave different colors of healing energies to create shields on each part of the body while simultaneously using prayer to clear and cleanse any physical, emotional, or mental energies that are causing pain, discomfort or illness. Through the help of the Ascended Masters, Spirit, and other beings that are 100% of God's live and Light, we work together in our session to provide healing and comfort.

      Cost: $35 for 30 minutes, $65 for 1 hour.

Inner Healing Sacred Drumming Circle:Second Saturday of the month 4pm-7pm


Drumming is a sacred experience. People of like mind gather to bring forth healing, sharing and praying for themselves and others. Drumming can help in many ways, fun, fellowship, raising your vibratory awareness and allowing a person to experience their innermost selves. Please bring your own or use ours. Limited supply.

Love can move the world;

come love the world with us!

We look forward to seeing you!

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