Supporting Your Joy

Don't marry the person you think you can live with;
marry only the individual you think you can't live without-
James C. Dobson

"On this day of your marriage, you stand somewhat apart from all other human beings. You stand within the golden circle of your love, and this is as it should be. Couples come here today by their own choice and they do not come alone. With the families and friends, they share a special commitment of love and respect." ...From the wedding ceremony.

Marriage is an important step to take in one's life. You want to have a wonderful Minister and church that provides everything you need. At Fellowship of Spirit we do weddings catered to your desire.
Rev George has numerous ceremonies to choose from to make it your day.
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Connect to Your Abundant Blessings

"Reflect on your present blessings of which every man has many…"
Charles Dickens

Blessing is a divine favor or the invocation of it, a piece of good fortune.
We shower our lives with blessings and they shower down upon us.
Blessing your life's physical surroundings will surround you with new healthy powerful clean energy.
Rev George provides blessings for your house, car, family, pet, health, wealth, and relationships.
We will work with you and create the most amazing Blessing ceremony for your unique, individual needs.
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Memorial Services/Release:

Attending you in sorrow

As Metaphysicians, we do not believe in death. Instead, we believe that it is a transition, or process in nature,
through which we continue in spirit. We know that everything that ever has been…always is. Only the physical body changes,
as it returns to its elements, which we call death and the spirit or soul of that person is released back into and continues onto through eternity in Oneness with God/Spirit. In terms of a celebration of the time we have spent with this person. We understand the human need for marking these moments and remembering them with prayers, music and verbal truths of the person who has passed on.
Let us provide a wonderful Memorial Service for your Beloved one.
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Welcoming You to Your Life

The rite of baptism/christening is a recognition of the loving presence and infinite power of God in each child.
It is an outward expression of the union of the child with the Christ, which dwells within Her/Him. Through this simple
service of dedication we are recognizing, not only the Divine perfection, which dwells in your child, but both of you as the Divine parents. We also do this ceremony for adults as we are recognizing the Truth of our Source and welcoming this wonderful new being into our midst as part of the community of Fellowship or Family of man.
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Quinceanceara/Sweet Sixteen:

Celebrating Maturity

Increasingly in the Americas, people are finding that it is important to have ceremonies marking the transitional phases with in a person's life. Similar in some respects to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, the ceremony of Realization/Quinceanceara takes place at a time when a young person is becoming an adult and taking on a new role within the Spiritual Community. By celebrating these important years, we support the emotional, psychic and spiritual transition of our wonderful young adults.
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