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Meet the Spiritual Leadership of Fellowship of Spirit


Our Senior Minister:


Rev. George Harris is fully engaged as a spiritual being and now serves mankind as an example. He enjoys helping people discover and fulfill their purpose by developing a powerful spiritual practice that leads to deeper emotional and spiritual maturity and consequently to a more meaningful life sharing their transformed selves. His mission is to wake up as many people as possible to the power of love.


Rev George Harris began his spiritual studies in 1975 as a student of "The WORK" of George I. Gurdjieff learning how to balance all 3 bodies. He then obtained a Bachelor's Degree in "Wholistic Health and Wellness Counseling," as well as a certificate of study in Polarity Therapy, Ayurvedic medicine and is a Reiki Master.

He then completed "The 6 Month Program" becoming a practitioner and leader in clearing emotional blocks and negative thoughts to more deeply connect to the soul. He then created "The Family Living System" that teaches participants whom to BE to create the powerful relationships they desire and deserve

In 1996 he completed his B/A Degree in Metaphysics and was ordained as a Minister through the International University of Metaphysics. He also received a diploma in Spiritual Practices, Certificates in Registered Spiritual Healing Practitioner, Advanced Studies in Pastoral Psychology and Personal Relationships Research and Education

In 2006, he received his "Masters of Divinity" degree and was ordained as "Minister of Peace", from the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking. He started his pulpit ministry with "Namaste Center of Spiritual Oneness" in Bayfield Colo. from 2008-2012. He then became and still is the Spiritual leader of "The Fellowship of Spirit," an independent New Thought Center in Farmington N.M. He teaches classes about connecting to the "I AM/Christ Consciousness" through clearing out all three bodies and is still doing his work with couples and families through "The Family Living System."

He has completed studies and received a degree from the Academy of Soul Manifistation as a soul coach. (See Spiritual Support for description of Soul Coach)

Rev George is also a mediator for child custody cases, and has created "The Community of the Beloved Family," whose purpose is to help our society become more enlightened regarding marriage, parenting and family. Rev George provides an array of tools and techniques in his bi-monthly newsletter, "Relationship Matters."