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Spiritual Support


Prayer Support:

Prayer is our most potent tool to contact God.
What is Prayer? Why Pray? Prayer is a cornerstone discipline for our community.

Traditionally, prayer has been seen most commonly as a way of invoking the attention of some distant deity to gain a benefit or avoid a loss. The effectiveness of prayer was thought to depend on the worthiness of the one praying, the earnestness of the petition, and some bargained promise of behavioral change.

Our approach is fundamentally different than traditional prayer. Rather than hoping to catch the attention of a God on a throne in the sky to persuade Him to change His thinking about us, we believe the only purpose of prayer is to change our own thinking-about the nature of God, and our own nature.

We believe there is a Creative Intelligence (the Universe, God, Spirit, the Quantum Field) that can be used by any person to create greater health, prosperity or love in mind, body or total life experience.

We have a prayer team that meets every Sunday before service to make requests and also express gratitude. This team then prays over all requests for the next week. Read more

Mental Support:

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life, and Keep It Changed.
The practice and use of the Creative Intelligence or God in our thinking is what we call Spiritual Mind Treatment. The essence of this derives from the ancient saying, "that it is done unto you as you believe." So as we realize that the thinker of the thought is first cause to his experience, to experience something different (a healing of any condition), the habitual way of thinking must change.

Hence, the practice and discipline of Spiritual Mind Treatment, otherwise called affirmative prayer, is designed to keep us in alignment with whatever we wish to experience. The manifestation of that which we desire already exists in the present moment and simply awaits our moving into conscious alignment with it. Prayer is unique to humankind and has been practiced from time beyond memory. We encourage you no matter who you are, what you believe or how you pray, to pray always... for the health and well-being of the planet, for peace and harmony in our time and for an expansion of love in the hearts of all! For we are all in this together! Read more

Soul Coaching:

Within new Thought, we teach that "We are spiritual beings having a human experience: and that through "changing our thinking, we change our lives." There are times in our lives in which an acceleration of personal evolution is better for our well-being and this of course also supports the well-being of all the people whose lives we touch. Our society lives by life coaching helping people learn how to create a better life through a different work situation. Rev George offers Soul Coaching, which is a process to connect to one's soul, which is the "I Am" or Christ consciousness, allowing God to speak thru them and helping them create a better life through God's word. Read more